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Wednesday June 2, 2010

Of opera and other things...

Back from my brief trip to London and managed to avoid any major bank holiday hold-ups on the motorways. I’m having French coaching for Manon at the Royal Opera House, as I seldom sing in French these days. Verdi and Puccini seem to be the backbone of my operatic repertoire at the current time and the last time I sang opera in French was 2005, when I sang in Welsh National Opera’s Don Carlos. My French is therefore a little rusty and so we’re polishing it up at the moment!!

I saw the second part of BBC4’s Opera Italia series whilst I was in London and I found it very interesting, having caught a little bit of the first episode last week. It’s a brief history of Italian opera from Monteverdi through to modern day and the story is told by Antonio Pappano, the Musical Director of the Royal Opera. The show was being filmed when we did La Traviata in 2009 and there are a few excerpts from rehearsals and the show included in the program. You can catch it on the BBC iPlayer here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00sm18t/Opera_Italia_Viva_Verdi/ It’s well worth watching, and if you don’t blink during the ‘Libiamo’ chorus you might just catch a glimpse of yours truly on the left hand side of the screen (ha,ha!!)

It was also wonderful to watch the section of the show that dealt with the character of Rigoletto, as this is something that is taking up a lot of my time now as I learn the role and research the character’s musical and historical context. It’s a fantastic process and I hope to build a webpage soon, dedicated to listing all the research materials that I’ve used, not just for Rigoletto, but for all the roles I undertake.

We were lucky to have a warm and reasonably dry bank holiday weekend and on Saturday I was sowing seeds on the veg patch. I’ve already got carrots, beetroot, lettuce, pak choi and parsnips on their way but this was a second or successional sowing to ensure a constant supply. This time I added dwarf french beans, pumpkin, radish and little gem lettuce to the mix. Next week I will be sowing courgettes, runner beans and sweetcorn…wish me luck (and a drop of rain here and there!)

E x




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